Tuesday, September 2, 2014


SPACES - Single Service Leavers Accommodation

The Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex- Services, SPACES, located within The Beacon, Catterick is designed to help single ex-regulars find appropriate accommodation when they leave the services. Through this service the project reduces the likelihood of ex-service personnel becoming homeless or sleeping rough after discharge.

The overall aims and objectives of the project are to assist single Service Leavers to secure appropriate accommodation as they leave the Armed Forces, as well as veterans who have been discharged.
It provides an accommodation placement service for single personnel being discharged from all three services, plus people already discharged.

Please contact the SPACES office on 

Tel 01748/833797 – 872940 - 830191
or Catterick Military 94731 2940

Fax number: 01748 835774