Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The youth homelessness charity SASH is looking for volunteers in the Richmond area to help provide a new service for vulnerable young people aged 16-25.

SASH prevents young people from becoming homeless by offering them a room in the home of a volunteer ‘host’.  Over 75 per cent of the young people helped by the charity go on to find a permanent, safe place to live after their stay with a volunteer and do not enter a cycle of long-term homelessness and unemployment.

SASH already helps young people in Richmondshire through its Nightstop emergency accommodation project and it is now launching a Supported Lodgings scheme in the area, offering support for vulnerable young people for up to two years.

Jordan (not his real name) stayed in SASH Supported Lodgings for eight months following a family breakdown.  He said: “SASH helped me with finances and budgeting. They gave me advice and a lot of general knowledge, basic things like for example I’d never used a phone before. If it wasn’t for SASH my life would be a whole different story. I don’t think I’d have gone to university.”

Hosts are fully vetted, trained and supported, and receive expenses to cover the costs of volunteering.  Hosting is a unique opportunity to play a direct role in helping to change a young person’s life.

Sarah Ware, Community Coordinator for SASH said: “The best place for homeless young people is in ordinary homes, where they can get the help and support they need. We are looking for hosts who can offer a room and work with the SASH Support Workers to prepare young people to live independently. There are no special skills required to get involved – you just need a spare room and a willingness to help vulnerable young people at a difficult time. If you think you might be able to help, please just get in touch for find out more, we’d love to hear from you!”

Email Sarah on or text 07507 595240

There is lots more information at or call 01904 652043.  


Thursday, May 14, 2015