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All families with a child under 5 have access to a Health Visiting Team. Health visitors lead the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme, which provides five points of contact for all families:

1) Antenatal Visit

2) New Birth visit

3) Six to eight week health visitor appointment

4) Eight to 12 months, physical and development review

5) Two and two and a half years, physical and developmental review

We also offer Child Health Clinics and Additional Support.

The Children's Public Health Nursing Team are based at:- Church Lane Surgery, Boroughbridge YO51 9BD

                                                   Telephone Number:- 01423 323510

                                                   Sharon Keegan Health Visitor

                                                   Wendy Wislon Health Visitor

                                                   Janet Marriner Health Visitor

                                                 Drop In- Well Child Clinics

Boroughbridge Childrens Centre                           Every Tuesday 09.30 - 11.30am

Dishforth Airfield (Community Centre)               1st Thursday of the month 1.30 - 3.00pm

                                                                           3rd Thursday of the month 1.30 - 3.00pm


If you have a child aged between 5 - 19 and would like to speak with the Healthy Child Team

Please contact :- Healthy Child Team, Outward Academy, Youth Centre, Ripon HG42DE

Telephone:- 01423557711

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