Friday, June 16, 2017

SODEXO VACANCY - Closing Date 23rd June

Duties include:
·          Maintain a database of all family details and ensure all entries are precise. Produce database reports and records of Service families.  Maintain and update a Service family’s address list
·          Receive all clients and visitors, clearly identifying the nature of their enquiry and handling it either directly or by referring them to the correct person or department taking into account the sensitivity of the enquiry
·          Responsibilities for the mail include: Receipt and distribution of all incoming mail, collect and despatch all outgoing mail.  All incoming mail is to be sorted into general, confidential and classification marked.  General mail is opened, sorted and placed in respective office.  Address envelopes and mail as required
·          Arrange appointments for Service personnel and their families who request to see/speak with the Unit Welfare Officer. Escort Service personnel and their families to the relevant department and ensure introductions are made
·          Responsible for the booking in of all new families to the unit, ensure all family details are correct, taking into account any change of address or family circumstances
·          Liaise with Estate Management Officers and Accommodation Service Accountants on behalf of Service
families for the reporting of housing faults, inspections and minor enquiries
·         Carry out all duties required as the building custodian for the Welfare Office/Building, including fault reporting
·          Liaise directly with the Defence Estates (Operations) on behalf of Service families in order to arrange Move Ins/Outs
·          Arranging welfare events. Make/receive calls to/from various entertainment agencies
·          Assist with routine typing/word processing. Assist with the publication of unit/families Welfare Newsletters and Flyers
·          Type and produce Family Welfare Reports up to the caveat of ‘Confidential’
·          Maintain the department’s filing system and ensure all filing is completed daily and all files are kept secure.
·          General office duties include: operation of facsimile machine, operation of photocopier and shredding machine, provide photocopying as and when required
·          Responsible for the maintenance, stock control and eventual distribution of the stationery for the welfare office
·          Liaison with various external agencies including AWS, DIO, school and medical staff maintaining the required confidentiality
·          Collation, issue and maintenance of Garrison car passes for welfare personnel

Essential qualifications: Excellent working knowledge of all Windows and Microsoft Office based applications; previous experience in office administration, typing, word processing and computer skills; collaborative working as part of a team; self-motivation and initiative; communicating and influencing; analysing and using evidence in particular fault finding; good understanding of software; good understanding of military ethos, terminology and publications.

Sodexo Defence
57 Horne Road
Catterick Garrison
Telephone: 01748 832665