Thursday, November 30, 2017


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Monday, November 27, 2017

SCOTTISH VETERANS RESIDENCES - 3 site Vacancies available

NYP - Protect your home, leave a light on.

Christmas is fast approaching so please keep in mind Key ‘dark night’ crime prevention advice includes:
• a well-lit home gives the impression that someone is in
• use timer switchers to turn lights on while you are out
• don’t leave curtains closed during the day, only in the evening and overnight
• lock all windows and doors
• keep valuable items out of view
• keep gates well secured
For more information about home security and property marking, visit You can also download the North Yorkshire Police interactive home security iBook, available for free on iPhone and iPad – just search for “Securing your home” on iTunes.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Would you like to influence the direction of Veterans' Gateway?
As part of the ongoing development and testing of Veterans' Gateway (VG) we are establishing a Veterans' Reference Group (VRG) to enable veterans to provide us with user feedback, helping to shape the future of the service.
We are inviting you, as a veteran, to join this group. By taking part you will have a chance to influence future support for many people in a similar situation to you. The VRG will be a forum in which ideas about VG can be shared and used to shape YOUR service.
It is a rare opportunity for veterans to influence the support their community receives and to ensure the views of veterans are heard.
The group will be selected from across the whole veteran community, from all 3 services, to ensure diversity.
As it will primarily consist of members of the target audience, the aim is to help not only VG provide the right service, but we also hope that suggestions and ideas from participants will help form ideas for best practice throughout the Military Charity Sector.
If you would like to make a difference in this way please fill in the application form below and send it to
  • All applications need to be received by 15th November 2017.
  • The selected names will be announced on the 1st December 2017.
  • The first VRG Meeting will take place at 1230hrs on 13th December 2017 at the RBL offices in London. Please make every effort to be available to attend in person or to dial in to the meeting.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017



Induction day is on Wednesday 30th November at 13.00hrs at the Community Centre.

The criteria is:

Aged 19 years and above
Lived in the EU for at least three years

Monday, November 13, 2017



SEND specialist support and provision

Find details on advice and specialist support for a child or young person with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).
We are responsible for providing services which address the needs of all children and young people, including the most disadvantaged and vulnerable and those with SEND.
This is done through:
  • supporting the drive for high educational standards for all children and young people, paying particular attention to the most disadvantaged groups;
  • working with children, young people, parents and partners to promote prevention and early intervention and to offer early help so emerging difficulties are dealt with before they become more serious;
  • helping to improve educational attainment, narrowing the gaps for the most disadvantaged and promoting the wider wellbeing of children and young people, including at key transition points; and
  • ensuring children and young people who have SEND can access high quality provision that meets their needs.
Please see NYCC Link for more information 

SEXUAL HEALTH - Drop In Clinics

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Brits don’t know how many
military personnel have died in conflict

·  92% of Brits don't know how many members of the British Armed Forces have died in wars and conflicts (both combat and peacekeeping missions) since the start of WWI

·  85% of Brits are not aware of more than half of the conflicts which the British Armed Forces have been involved in since WWII

·  More than a third (37%) are unaware of any of the conflicts which the British Armed Forces are currently involved in

·  59% of Brits think that schools should teach pupils more about conflicts that the British Armed Forces have been involved in since WWII

Wednesday, November 1, 2017